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several months ago i tried to adapt some automated strategies i have developed in ninjatrader and tradestation to quantconnect but was completely unable to do so. i decided to start with a very simple hull moving average reversal strategy on 6 minute bars but was never even able to get quantconnect to operate on 6 minute bars.

i'm not a programmer but i have received formal training in economics, mathematics and statistics. i have been greatly frustrated with a number of simple concepts that i can explain verbally and even put into mathematical equations with ease but when i want to put them into computer code i have been completely unable to make any progress. for example, i have been trying for weeks to get ninjatrader to create logs of the signals my indicators generate into unique text files with unique file names and i have made only very little progress. 

i also have a number of other concepts that are easy for me to explain but i have no way to put them into code. i would like to program gann fans that would draw automatically, simple moving averages that only used the values for some days of the week (only tuesdays, only wednesdays, only tuesdays and wednesdays, etc), strategies that never traded the tuesday and wednesday cl announcements, etc.

i'm determined to use the very slow weeks at the end of the calendar year to learn to code in c# (and python too if time allows) and i want to know which c# courses and certifications quantconnect officially recommends. i would also greatly appreciate any advice from other members who are experienced programmers. if there are any courses that are delivered in person in a class format that would be even better. it would also be very helpful if qc could comment on which c# courses and certifications does the company look for when they are evaluating candidates to hire.

very well, thanks, regards.