Hello all,

I am sure this has been asked before but I can not seem to find a concrete answer.

After being half way past the boot training, I felt advanterous enough to try an RSI strategy on the hourly period. Basically looking to buy SVXY whenever the RSI is above 70 and selling whenever it goes below 85.

However, I noticed that if the RSI changes on the last hour and decides to execute a trade, the transaction takes place the next day on opening rather than before the day's close. I am aware this becomes a Market on Open order since the hourly candlebar closes at 4 pm and time is now after hours. I have tried using "self.schedule.on"  with 2 minutes before close in place but no luck.

For these types of situations... how can I execute a trade at 3:59 pm based on the current value of the RSI?

If unsure of what I mean. Please see attached backtest and orders filled on 2019-12-03 & 2019-12-04 at 16:00:00.