Hi all

This is the error code message: Runtime Error: AttributeError : 'StopMarketOrder' object has no attribute 'Update'
at OnData in main.py:line 119
:: self.Transactions.GetOrderById(self.smo[0]).Update(updateFields)
AttributeError : 'StopMarketOrder' object has no attribute 'Update' (Open Stacktrace)

Trying to update trailing stop loss for the below asset class. Error occurs on line "Self.Transactions.GetOrderBy ..."

elif self.Portfolio["ERY"].Invested and (self.Securities["ERY"].Price * 0.85 > self.HiPrice[0]):
self.HiPrice[0] = self.Securities["ERY"].Price * 0.85
updateFields = UpdateOrderFields()
updateFields.StopPrice = self.Securities["ERY"].Price * 0.85
# testing it out
self.Debug("Testing out ERY {0}".format(self.smo[0]))
# Print the new stop price with Debug()
if self.Transactions.GetOrderById(self.smo[0]).Update(updateFields):
self.Debug("Succesfully updated for ERY")

But for some reason the same code for the other asset class 's stop loss order seems okay.