Does anyone know why the algo is throwing this error?

I have modified and cloned the algo from another thread where Daniel Chen, staff wrote this:

"Thank you for your question, and sorry for the late reply. To implement your idea, we recommend you use ManualUniverseSelectionModel here. First, from crypto data library, we can find all pairs containing *BTC among all 346 Cryptocurrency Pairs in Bitfinex. Then, for each pair, we create Symbol object using Symbol.Create(symbol, SecurityType.Crypto, Market.Bitfinex) and add all Symbols to a List. Finally, we use self.SetUniverseSelection(ManualUniverseSelectionModel(Symbols)) to manually add them to Universe.

Currently, there is an issue when adding Crypto pairs (see GitHub issue here). Please note that for some crypto pairs (e.g. FUNBTC) we should add a subscription for the corresponding Forex pair (e.g. FUNUSD) since we need to maintain cash in the crypto (e.g. FUN). Therefore, when creating Symbol objects for crypto pairs, we do self.AddForex() as well. Please see the following backtest for details, thank you!"


It started to throw errors once i added this line:

self.SetBrokerageModel(BrokerageName.Bitfinex, AccountType.Margin)

I added that line of code because before the compiler where telling me that it could not take short positions. It was also complaining that i did not have any of the cryptos it where trying to trade in my portfolio.