Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for someone who wants to partner up. I'm weak in some areas so i'm looking for someone who:

Can prove their knowledge of python

Can write a working QC Algorithmic Framework program

Has live traded for more than 3 months in futures or equities(Futures preferred).

I have live traded for over 9 months in the forex market. I have attempted futures but have had issues using the IB API. I'm struggling with certain aspects of the framework and trading models here that are required for alpha streaming because I don't have a background in coding. I pretty much taught myself all the coding i know, enough to get by for the last 9 months. I have a background in business, cyber security, and technical trading all assets. I have a masters degree in cyber security and i went to trading school online out of Los Angeles. 

My goal with this partner would be to 1) create an algorithm 2) Manage it 3) Sell it on alpha stream 4) Optional: Live trading in our own accounts. 

Maybe someone reading this was one of the finalists in the ETF competition and is looking to transfer their strategy from ETF to the Forex or Futures market. Let me know.