Hello All!

Each week we release a weekly updates list to show the small, regular steps we've been making to make QuantConnect better. In a given week we fix dozens of smaller bugs and often release a major feature, hopefully we can showcase these updates here.


1. History() Function - Request historical data for any point in time.

2. Rolling Window Statistics! (Epic PR from @steffanoraggi)

3. New Indicator - Asymetrical Dochian Channel (Awesome @adriantorre!)

4. New Indicator - LogReturn (thanks @chutes!)

5. New Indicator - Keltner Channels (thank you @lockyssmith!)

6. New Indicator - PSAR Indicator (thank you @tzaavi!)

7. New Symbol Identifier class, unique stock identifier - backwards compatible with pure strings.

8. Oanda Brokerage support in open source! Whoop go @kaffeebrewer!

9. Draft of Parameter Inputs (thanks @vincent!)

10. New Account/Subscription Self-Management

11. Control+F to Find in Web IDE :) About time we added this one.

12. THE BAT SIGNAL -- Receive email notification for all forum posts.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed memory leak in live trading.

2. Better error messages for IB login errors and figured out 2 factor authentication bug. Thanks @bizcad!

3. Tradier order scanning null error.

4. Interactive Brokers java not installed error.

Pretty epic month for feature releases thanks to all the open source contributions! Keep up all the great work everyone! We're rolling out some exciting features in the next few months, so stay tuned and happy coding!