I'm working with a universe selection algorithm that selects stocks with the highest traililng 12 month ROIC as defined as EBIT/Invested Capital. 

Debug(i.Symbol + " EBIT " + i.FinancialStatements.IncomeStatement.EBIT.TwelveMonths/1000000 + " Invested Capital " +i.FinancialStatements.BalanceSheet.InvestedCapital.TwelveMonths/1000000 );

Selection is done on the last trading day of each month, which for Janauary 2020 was the 31st. One of the symbols returned using methods from the above snippet was Boeing which I thought was odd:

BA R735QTJ8XC9X EBIT 12079 Invested Capital 14030 

Boeing reported earnings January 28 and reported a big loss; I checked the $12bn EBIT number above  against their 10-K and it seems to be the 2018 EBIT number. So I'm guessing the selection here could be because by the time stock selection happened the latest numbers hadn't been reflected in Morningstar and or QC? I read in the documentation that most fundamental data gets updated once per month, but when exactly does that update happen?