I am new to QuantConnect's Lean engine and I am backtesting a strategy locally.

On the website IDE platform I am able to chart custom charts - the price chart, indicators, etc. - but when I run it locally, it does not work and only appears the strategy performance.

If I open the backtesting data file (locally), there is nothing there regarding the custom charts.


I've created the charts with this info:



It works on the online platform, but not locally. I tried searching for info here (but to no avail):



Is there a way of accomplishing this?

Or do I need to create my own frontend to display this data?


Here's an example:

public class Strategy : QCAlgorithm
public override void Initialize()
Chart stockPlot = new Chart( "Trade Plot" );
Series assetPrice = new Series( "Price", SeriesType.Line, "$", Color.Blue );
stockPlot.AddSeries( assetPrice );
Series buyOrders = new Series( "Buy", SeriesType.Scatter, "$", Color.Green, ScatterMarkerSymbol.Triangle );
stockPlot.AddSeries( buyOrders );
Series sellOrders = new Series( "Sell", SeriesType.Scatter, "$", Color.Red, ScatterMarkerSymbol.TriangleDown );
stockPlot.AddSeries( sellOrders );

AddChart( stockPlot );

// (...)

public void OneHourHandler(object sender, TradeBar tradeBar)
Plot( "Trade Plot", "Price", tradeBar.Close );
Plot( "Trade Plot", "Buy", tradeBar.Close );

// (...)