Hello All!

Each week we release a weekly updates list to show the small, regular steps we've been making to make QuantConnect better. In a given week we fix dozens of smaller bugs and often release a major feature, hopefully we can showcase these updates here.

1. Rewrote Live Trading Feed - Brand new system for managing live trading subscriptions
2. FXCM Brokerage Implementation - @StefanoRaggi contributed a complete FXCM brokerage implementation! Whoop!
3. Options Data Converter - Algoseek provider -> LEAN format converter (thanks @AlexCatarino!)
4. Allow User to Force Market Open - Thanks (@NirmeshPatel!)
5. Universe Selection Improvements - Making universe selection generic (select a universe based on any data)
6. Live Testing Harness - Wrote system for live trading data feed testing
Almost! -- 7. Coarse Universe Selection - Backtest and live universe selection
Almost! -- 8. Stable Data Server Updating - Data is updated at the end of each day

1. Fixed python history provider implementation
2. Fixed live data feed remote files bug
3. Fixed bug in deploying multiple servers simultaneously
4. Fixed bug in PSAR constructor
5. Prevent IB from sending 0 holding positions

Happy Coding! Keep up the awesome contributions. We're all building a pretty incredible open source technology, its exciting to see it growing!