Hi, I tried to run python algorithm using docker but get the following error messages:

Unhandled Exception:
System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path '/Lean/Algorithm.Python'.

Here's how I ran lean in Windows 10 and got the error message.

step 1: downloading docker and clone git files
docker pull quantconnect/lean
git clone https://github.com/QuantConnect/Lean.git

step 2: edit ./Lean/Launcher/config.json
// "algorithm-language": "CSharp",
algorithm-language": "Python",
// "algorithm-location": "QuantConnect.Algorithm.CSharp.dll",
"algorithm-location": "../../../Algorithm.Python/BasicTemplateFrameworkAlgorithm.py",

step 3: build in Visual Stuidio

step 4: build lean docker image
docker build -f ./Dockerfile .

step 5: running lean in docker with default path of docker image, Lean config file, Data folder and results folder

However, I found it there is no problem running lean in docker if I use C# settings in ./Lean/Launcher/config.json and rebuild lean in Visual Studio.
Has anyone encountered this and can share your solutions? Thanks!