Hi Guys,


I have a strategy that always loose money. Thats fine because in many cases only doing the inverse will make you earn money. Its like accepting the alternative hypotesis... lol.

The problem is that even changing the positions directions I still have a constant down slope in my equity curve.

So I start debuging to see what I'm doing wrong and put slippage and fee models to None to be more easy to find the error. But we still loose money. After another debug I found that the inverse orders are being executed with a huge price difference only changing the direction and this is including in the MOC orders that should be executed at the MOC official price, right?

Lets make an example:

    - 1st backtest  - Buy XLV at MOC - filled at @100.71

    - 2nd backtest - Sell XLV at MOC - filled at @100.68

There is something that I need to read about fill orders? because I cant find how market and moc orders are filled. And there some way to change ir to execute at mid bid/ask or open bar price or for moc orders at the auction close price? my orders are quite small in notional.