Hello. I am quite new to QuantConnect so excuse me if this is a stupid question.

I am trying to implement a simpel RSI reversion strategy on EURUSD using OANDA data. If RSI crosses over 70, then short, if RSI crosses below 30, then buy. Very simpel. 

I have implemented the same strategy on TradingView using OANDA data and the results are totally different, and i can even see that the data is also different between QuantConnect and TradingView. Please see the following two images for the tradingview version (it is fairly easy to read the code, even though you do not know PineScript): 


Why is that? And what data should i trust? On TradingView i have 710 trades, and on QuantConnect i have 1500+ (using the same timeperiod), and the results are totally different. Can anyone here help me or at least clarify why there is a big difference between the data and results? The code should be the same and should execute the same trades. 

I should add that on TradingView i have implemented a 5 point slippage in order to simulate the spread