Hello everyone!

I have created this strategy using only the RSI indicator on EURUSD. It has been working very well since the start of 2019 and have 705 trades so far. The strategy is very simpel: Short when RSI > 70 and buy when RSI < 30.

Now i am looking for feedback on the strategy, since i am very new to this quant-algo-universe and basicly have no idea what i am doing :-) 

What i am aware of:

  • It has a high drawdown (33%)
  • It uses a fuckton of leverage
  • It was NOT profitable before 2019


What i am NOT aware of and looking to find out:

  • Is this a reliable trading strategy/system?
  • Would you trade it live? Why? Why not?
  • Is it robust and will keep working the next year or 2? Why do you believe that? Or how do you find out if it will?
  • What is most important? The amount of trades it has or the years it has been profitable? 
  • All other things i am not aware of :-) 


Anything you can possible say about the strategy or about the way i "think" of building strategies would really help, so dont be shy and give me the hard truth!