Dear Members,


I wanna trade on the pair "ETHBTC". How should be the begin setting in the code?

Trading on "ETHUSD" is no problem. So i thought just changing the _ticker to "ETHBTC" and thats it. But is isn't that simple i guess?

Thanks in advance.


namespace QuantConnect.Algorithm.CSharp
public class VentralTransdimensionalChamber : QCAlgorithm
Trading bot that trades with the highest and lowest exchange rate of the last 24 hours.
Buying determined bacause the factor and the current price.

private string _ticker = "ETHUSD"; //virtueel paar - tracks the current USD value of 1 ether.
private int _startingCash = 2000;
private decimal _weight = .08m; ///Percentage van portfolio dat je wilt investeren // % of portfolio for every trade.

private decimal _targetPercent = .01m; //1% winst dan verkopen // Sell when 1% profit
private decimal _stopPercent = .10m; //verkopen bij de 10% verlies / Sell when loss is 10%

int _maxPosition = 900; // Max USD invested
int _minPosition = 750; // min USD needed to invest.

public decimal _usd; //Amount of USD in our Cashbook.

Maximum _maxExchange;
Minimum _minExchange;

public decimal _price;
public decimal _holding; //Het aantal Ether we in onze portfolio hebben zitten.
public string _baseSymbol; //vertegenwoordigt de basesymbool dat we houden ETH

public decimal _targetPrice;
public decimal _stopPrice;

public override void Initialize()
SetStartDate(2019, 1, 1);
SetEndDate(2020, 1, 1);

var _crypto = AddCrypto(_ticker, Resolution.Minute);
_baseSymbol = _crypto.BaseCurrencySymbol;

int _minutesOfTrading = 1140;
_maxExchange = MAX(_ticker, _minutesOfTrading, Resolution.Minute);
_minExchange = MIN(_ticker, _minutesOfTrading, Resolution.Minute);

SetWarmUp(_minutesOfTrading, Resolution.Minute);

SetBrokerageModel(BrokerageName.GDAX, AccountType.Cash);