Hey guys, I wanted to just ask if you could explain how QC uses alpha insights to make trades? I understand each insight emits a long or short or flat signal and that each insight can contain confidence. Can you walk me through an example of how QC uses an insight to make a trade and when to close it? For example, does QC close a positive insight stock after the signal is no longer there?

In addition, what is the point of adding a time delta to an Insight? For example, if I had an insight based on news sentiment and I gave it a 10 day time delta, would this imply that this long signal is good for 10 days (then the stock is sold?). I was wondering if you could elaborate more on these aspects of the AlphaModel.

I am looking to start using the AlphaModel rather than coding my algos in classic formatting, so I would love to get more familiar with this framework.