Request to Open-Source LEAN

Would you like a copy of the QuantConnect source code; so you can code, backtest and trade locally from your computer?

You could design and debug strategies from your laptop in Visual Studio, using a local data source, and then when you're ready, deploy it to the cloud to backtest on our entire tick-level data library? You could seamlessly utilize our cloud-based optimization to backtest massively in parallel and test your strategy for parameter sensitivity in minutes... With the platform open-sourced, you could trade locally from your own servers or send the algorithm to QuantConnect to live trade from our beautiful HTML5 interface when you're away from your deskā€¦

Dedicated live trading server running your strategies with HTML interface

 Dedicated live trading server running your strategies with HTML interface.

And by working locally, you can guarantee your proprietary data is safe and maintain complete strategy privacy. We think this would be a perfect algorithmic trading platform, and we want to make it happen!

We're launching a quant-crowd-funding campaign!

When we reach 100 hobbyist subscriptions, we've committed to open sourcing the QuantConnect LEAN Algorithmic Trading Engine! We want 100 fans, believers, and passionate quants who will form the core pioneers of the QuantConnect platform. With your help, we will lead the future of algorithmic trading. 

Pioneers will be forever remembered on our supporter's page, in addition to receiving a dedicated live trading server for running your strategies! (1 CPU / 512MB RAM / 20GB HD / 1TB Data Transfer). We're just scraping the surface of what is possible with QuantConnect! We're excited to be adding powerful new features and making the engine faster and more robust each day. For the first 100 Pioneers, you'll get a lifetime, $10/mo hobbyist subscription. Once you upgrade, we'll apply the discount, but it is for a limit of the first 100 users! In the next few months, we plan to offer: 

  • Cloud Optimizations Massively parallel cloud backtesting and optimize parameters to reduce algorithm sensitivity in minutes across our cloud. Run monte carlo simulations and view strategy sensitivity curves.
  • More Asset Types and Data Import Assistance We're starting futures and options asset support, along with a tool to easily import external data to design robust profitable algorithms!
  • Better Browser Coding We're working on an object tree inspector and true C# auto-complete, combined with project folders, so you can quickly build complex strategies!
  • Universe Selection and Fundamental Data Fundamental data is powered by Morning Star so that you can select a universe of companies by index, earnings, and other key fundamentals!

Upgrade today and help us build the best algorithmic trading platform in the world. 
Sustainable, independent, and community driven.