QuantConnect Lean Algorithmic Trading Engine
Security Class
A base vehicle properties class for providing a common interface to all assets in QuantConnect.
Object Model
Security ClassSecurityCache ClassISecurityDataFilter InterfaceSecurityExchange ClassSecurityExchangeHours ClassIFeeModel InterfaceIFillModel InterfaceSecurityHolding ClassSecurity ClassSymbol ClassISecurityMarginModel InterfaceISecurityTransactionModel InterfaceISecurityPortfolioModel InterfaceIPriceVariationModel InterfaceCash ClassSymbol ClassISettlementModel InterfaceISlippageModel InterfaceSubscriptionDataConfig ClassSymbol ClassSymbol ClassSecurityIdentifier StructureSymbol ClassSymbolProperties ClassISecurityTransactionModel InterfaceIVolatilityModel Interface
public class Security 
Security object is intended to hold properties of the specific security asset. These properties can include trade start-stop dates, price, market hours, resolution of the security, the holdings information for this security and the specific fill model.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Target Platforms: Microsoft .NET 4.5 or Mono 3.10 or above.

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