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QuantConnect.Securities Namespace : SecurityManager Class
SecurityManager Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by SecurityManager.

Public Constructors
Public Constructor Initialise the algorithm security manager with two empty dictionaries  
Public Properties
Public Property Count of the number of securities in the collection.  
Public Property Flag indicating if the internal arrray is read only.  
Public PropertyOverloaded.  Indexer method for the security manager to access the securities objects by their symbol.  
Public Property List of the symbol-keys in the collection of securities.  
Public Property Gets the most recent time this manager was updated  
Public Property Get a list of the security objects for this collection.  
Public Methods
Public MethodOverloaded.  Add a new security with this symbol to the collection.  
Public Method Clear the securities array to delete all the portfolio and asset information.  
Public Method Check if this collection contains this key value pair.  
Public Method Check if this collection contains this symbol.  
Public Method Copy from the internal array to an external array.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Overloaded. Creates a security and matching configuration. This applies the default leverage if leverage is less than or equal to zero. This method also add the new symbol mapping to the QuantConnect.SymbolCache  
Public MethodOverloaded.  Remove a key value of of symbol-securities from the collections.  
Public Method Try and get this security object with matching symbol and return true on success.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodEvent invocator for the CollectionChanged event  
Extension Methods
Public Extension Method Performs the specified selector before calling DefaultIfEmpty. This is just short hand for Select(selector).DefaultIfEmpty(defaultValue)
Public Extension Method Creates a new enumerable that will be distinct by the specified property selector
Public Extension Method Produces the set difference of two sequences by using the default equality comparer to compare values.
Public Extension Method Groups adjacent elements of the enumerale using the specified grouper function
Public Extension Method Returns true if the specified enumerable is null or has no elements
Public Extension MethodOverloaded.  Gets the median value in the collection
Public Extension Method Wraps the specified enumerable such that it will only be enumerated once
Public Extension MethodOverloaded. Creates a new HashSet from the elements in the specified enumerable
Public Events
Public Event Event fired when a security is added or removed from this collection  
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