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StalledPattern Class
Stalled Pattern candlestick pattern
Object Model
StalledPattern ClassIndicatorDataPoint ClassSymbol Class
Must have: - three white candlesticks with consecutively higher closes - first candle: long white - second candle: long white with no or very short upper shadow opening within or near the previous white real body and closing higher than the prior candle - third candle: small white that gaps away or "rides on the shoulder" of the prior long real body(= it's at the upper end of the prior real body) The meanings of "long", "very short", "short", "near" are specified with SetCandleSettings; The returned value is negative(-1): stalled pattern is always bearish; The user should consider that stalled pattern is significant when it appears in uptrend, while this function does not consider it
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Target Platforms: Microsoft .NET 4.5 or Mono 3.10 or above.

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