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License and deploy capital to an uncorrelated portfolio of quantitiative investment strategies, each with a 5-year backtest and developed on the world's leading quantitative trading platform, LEAN.

Starting From

$28 + $3 per $10k / per month

ADAptive volatility

Asset Class: Equity


Key Statistics
Sharpe Ratio 4.92
CAGR 17.4%
Days Live 522

Intraday Volatility

Asset Class: Equity


Key Statistics
Sharpe Ratio 3.77
CAGR 17.6%
Days Live 394

Balanced equity growth portfolio

Asset Class: Equity


Key Statistics
Sharpe Ratio 3.20
CAGR 12.5%
Days Live 394

All Weather (401K and IRA) Weekly Rebalance

Asset Class: Equity


Key Statistics
Sharpe Ratio 3.21
CAGR 11%
Days Live 394

GEdge - Stocks and Bonds Seasonals

Asset Class: Equity


Key Statistics
Sharpe Ratio 3.17
CAGR 13.8%
Days Live 500

Prime Momentum ETF

Asset Class: Equity


Key Statistics
Sharpe Ratio 2.93
CAGR 10%
Days Live 591


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