Sorry its been a while since our last update, but we've been busy! We recently returned from a trip to New York, and although it was only 7 days, each one was kicked off at 7am and ran until 2am. It is an amazing city and definitely the future home of QuantConnect.

The first two days we were at the Battle of the Quants - a gathering of hundreds of quants, hedgefunds and investors listening to debates and new industry technology. It was a fantastic opportunity to share the concept and we received overwhelming support. I stole the opportunity to show the QuantConnect video on stage to 100 industry professionals. One of them was a reporter from Wired and with some luck QuantConnect will get a mention in June.


The following few days were packed with meetings and networking including; breakfast at Facebook NY-HQ, meeting the founder of QuantNet in Byant Park, and CyborgTrading near Times Square and IFITEC in the warehouse district! It was great to see different parts of NYC.


We attended the first ever TED event on Wall Street - a collection of forward thinking finance minds discussing the future of Wall Street, from inside the Stock Exchange. It was an incredible day, meeting some of the brightest minds in the industry.

These presentations have now been uploaded on YouTube.


Algorithm and Profile Pages

We're still pushing to finish the product demo but are getting close. Demonstration dashboards are done, algorithm pages are complete, but the profile page is still 50%. We've uploaded them anyway to get your feedback and thoughts on the design. See these designs in full at


We started a small initial feedback group, if you're interested in being on the list please get in touch to help us design these pages (

Instilling Core Values

We believe the path for a better future in finance is through operating on core values of Integrity, Collaboration and Transparency. We're going to take these principles into our everyday actions at QuantConnect. As such, we're hoping to make QuantConnect built by quants, funded by quants for quants - encouraging collaboration and transparency on all levels from funding to design. These philosophies and strategies will be discussed in more depth in future blog posts. If you'd like to participate in the construction, funding or design of Quant Connect please let us know :)

We'll be back on a weekly release schedule now, look for our next update on Wednesday!