Deutsche Bank Mention

Deutsche Bank had a few nice words to say about QuantConnect in their recent news letter:

"Recently we came across an interesting company called QuantConnect that perfectly embodies the intersection between quant and technology. QuantConnect is a startup that is trying to "democratize" quant investing. Most of us, who have spent too many late nights trying to fix a recalcitrant server or debug a crashed SQL script, know that the biggest barrier to entry in quant is the IT infrastructure required to maintain a robust back-testing and production environment. QuantConnect overcomes this by offering a cloud-based platform that is pre-loaded with the data and back-testing capability that is needed to test strategies. However, the really cool feature is that once you are happy with your back-tested strategy, you can actually turn it on live, and even connect it directly to your brokerage account to trade it in real time." - Deutsche Bank Quantitative Strategy Team

Thanks guys!

 Scheduled Upgrade

We're rolling out a scheduled upgrade tonight, hopefully there will be no disruption and services will resume as normal 9am 4th April. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Jared at There will be breaking API changes! These will be detailed in a following post.