Thank you all those that have signed up and lent your support to QuantConnect. We are growing fast and appreciate your feedback. As a thank you, during July we’re giving away free 12 month licenses. If you’d like your free license just leave a request in the forums.

Thanks to your feedback – we’re happy to announce three major new features!

1. Daily Market Data Updates

After a few long nights of coding we’ve finished adding daily data updates to the QuantConnect backend, so now you can tap into the US Equities, and FX currency pairs tick data right up until Today-1. To use up to date data simply use: SetEndDate(DateTime.Today.AddDays(-1)); High quality data provided by QuantQuote and FXCM.

2. GIT API – Use your favorite IDE

QuantConnect is now fully integrated with GIT version control. Code your algorithms using your favorite developer tools, and commit your changes to GIT. We automatically run your backtests and email you the results.  After you commit code back to the server we automatically build it, run a backtest and email you the strategy results. If you check out a copy of our open-sourced code you can compile your algorithm on your desktop.

3. Dynamic Charting – Watch your Backtests Run

Thanks to Gustavo’s hard work, backtests are now more fun! You can watch backtest results streaming in as they are processed. We also added a daily profit and loss scatter plot to identify ourliers and clusters of poor performance.