Dear QuantConnect Members,

Jared here from QuantConnect, apologies for not getting in touch sooner its been a busy few months. In addition to constant feature upgrades we've been arranging funding for many of our users. Its very rewarding pairing a talented engineer with capital and seeing a dream become reality.

You all constantly amaze me and its a privilege to work with so many intelligent people. If you have a strategy with greater than 3 sharpe ratio, and less than 5% drawdown we can now arrange millions in investment capitalfor your strategies thanks to partner hedge funds.

We are driven to serve you and create the best possible algorithmic trading platform. We're still the only ones in the world to serve free tick resolution data, and we've done it entirely bootstrapping with angel investment. We are very proud to have come this far but we need your support - if you want to support the QuantConnect mission to break open algorithmic trading please get in touch -, or upgrade your account.

Here are three new features for you to make life easier! Algorithm Code Cloning, Private Discussions ("Groups") and DLL Upload Support.

1. Algorithm Sharing and Cloning

You can now share entire algorithms in the discussion forums, allowing others to help you debug or improve on the algorithms you create. This makes algorithm design significantly easier and lets you focus on the fun stuff instead of reinventing the wheel.

Algorithm Cloning

We'd love your help creating an indicator library for the community! If you'd like to help please create some algorithms with the new indicators and share them to the "Community" tag!

2. Private Discussions, Forum Groups

Groups SharingWe're happy to announce the launch of private groups - private forum discussions shared with only those in your group. Want help with your algorithm - but don't want to share it with the world? Do you work with a few team members and want to collaborate online? Groups were made to allow companies or universities to collaborate in a private environment.

To use this feature just create your group name in the IDE and add any team members you want to have access. They will be invited by email if they're not already members.

Groups Mgmt Page

Then share your algorithm to the group, and it will only be visible to other group-members. We have created a Groups Management page to see the invited users, create new groups, and see all the projects shared to a group.

3. DLL Upload Support - Obfuscate and Encrypt Your Strategy

DLL Upload SupportLastly, instead of uploading raw code you can now upload QCAlgorithm binaries to run a backtest. To do this make sure you implement the IAlgorithm interface and it will be accepted by the backtest engine.

Of course DLL's can be decompiled, but we are committed to earning your trust and will do everything we can to deserve it. So you can now obfuscate your code, compile it and upload the binaries. We want our incentives to be aligned with yours and see it as key for growing trust; so we're investigating new business models that achieve that. [Note: 30th November 2015, DLL Upload has been deprecated and is no longer supported]

That is all for now - but next update we'll have a charting upgrade from ChartIQ, live trading and more trading capital available!


Jared Broad

CEO & Co-Founder.