Today we're launching a deep integration of QuantConnect with Jupyter Lab to give you a powerful new tool for your alpha research. The dynamic, iterative nature of Jupyter Lab is an evolutionary leap for the quant process. When combined with the power of QuantConnect's cloud and 400TB of data, the new QC research environment is a truly world-leading quantitative research platform.

Thanks to the integration, you are now able to create notebooks directly within your projects. All cloned or shared projects come with the accompanying research notebook. Your project classes can be imported to your notebook as modules, where you can run analysis and access them directly.

Integrated Research Environment

Our long-term vision is to provide the community with rapid feedback analysis tools via a series of new packages that generate reports on the Algorithm Framework classes. With the Research integration, you will be able to create new framework modules and instantly run them through Jupyter analysis tools to get detailed reports on your universe, alpha and portfolio construction systems.

In addition to speeding up the research process, the new system will reduce the rewriting of code between research and live trading. Importing the modules within your project allows you to develop the code once, reducing the risk of bugs that come with rewriting Jupyter notebooks for production live-trading.

We're excited to share this milestone with the community and look forward to seeing the plethora of new research systems you can create from this framework.

Happy Coding!

Jared Broad