We are now offering the option to automatically make backtest meta-data available to Alpha Streams clients as a way to get your work more attention and early interest. Every day the community generates thousands of backtests in what is the most epic quant research effort in the world. We believe sharing backtest meta-data with clients will get you exposure to licensing opportunities and help focus your development. The Alpha Streams market has already distributed tens of thousands of dollars to Alpha Streams authors like yourself and we hope to scale this up over 2020.

The privacy and security of your code is still our number one priority, so sharing backtest metadata will require your explicit opt-in. The backtest meta-data would include performance statistics, significant holdings, and the end of day equity curves. It would be just enough information to determine if the fund is interested to see it tested live in Alpha Streams. As always, no one can see your source-code and you own your algorithm intellectual property.

Since we were founded in 2012 almost 100,000 scientists, engineers and quants have hosted code with QuantConnect. Maintaining that trust and integrity is critical for us, and is our highest priority. Thank you for always supporting our mission, and working together to break open quantitative finance!

You can opt-in to sharing anonymous backtest meta-data with institutions for licensing opportunities by selecting the option from your user profile settings.