Today, we announced the launch of Datasets, and the end of data onboarding as you know it. QuantConnect Datasets is a true end-to-end integration that allows alternative vendor datasets to be spun up and applied effortlessly, enabling quants to harness a data feed with a single line of code. With Datasets, quants can now go from research to live trading in minutes.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of algo development is the onboarding of data, or ETL. Ingesting data had to be repeated over and over for each user of a dataset – wasting time and valuable resources. But now that has all changed! With QuantConnect Datasets, vendors can now code the integration and push the data to the QuantConnect cloud. All data can then be instantly consumed within the QC cloud or easily downloaded to a quant's local environment with the LEAN CLI. The result? Quants can focus on using the data value and writing better strategies, not on ETL work.

Datasets Give Quants Access to the Most In-Demand Alt Data

  • Harness the power of WallStBets sentiment with Quiver Quantitative WallStreetBets Ticker Mentions dataset.
  • Stay on top of real-time breaking market news and insights from Benzinga.
  • Track financial news and market sentiment for over 10,000 financial instruments, including stocks, crypto, currencies, and commodities from more than 2,000 media sources around the globe with Brain.
  • Turn regulatory trends into alpha with RegAlytics’ customizable feed of daily compliance and regulations updates from over 3,000 regulators.


Watch Our Webinar to Learn More

Want to know more about Datasets? Watch our webinar with guest speakers from Quiver Quantitative, Brain, and AlgoSeek, where we cover all of the great resources that QuantConnect Datasets has to offer, give you behind-the-scenes info on how these datasets are built, and include a live demo of how to onboard datasets using the new LEAN CLI.

With QuantConnect Datasets, quants can now spend less time parsing CSVs and more time building and perfecting their strategy. We encourage you to check out Datasets today and let us know what you think. If you don’t see a dataset you think we should have listed, contact us at and we'll reach out to your vendor.