I've seen a couple forum comments mention this pull request as a new feature for LEAN/QuantConnect, a parameter optimizer feature. Super exciting work, I'm glad to see QC build this feature! I wanted to start testing it and can't find any api docs on optimizer usage, which is fair enough for a new feature, but I was still hoping to play around with it. I looked through the LeanOptimizer class added in the PR's file diffs, but I'm less familiar with building LEAN locally so it's not too clear to me how to run an optimization..

  1. Can this be run from QuantConnect's web applicaiton or is the feature only operational in LEAN for now?
  2. If the feature is operational, can someone post a code example interacting with the optimizer? I don't really care what of, I can adapt the code myself
Glad to see such active community and devs supporting QC, even if it's not possible to use for now I'm excited to see this work being done :)