Hey there,

thanks for the great platform here! i am new here and it is very nice.!

I wanted to ask couple of questions if possible please:

1) can i update a version of a libray (for example the library-LightGBM) by myself ? in the platform here the version of LightGBM is 2.30 and i am interested in  the more updated version. can i do that by myself? or only the STAFF of QUANTCONNECT need to do the updating for the community and after that it will get the update?

2) i want to tell the algo to search in the last hour of the market - for the best minute(optimize=automate hyperoptiization/optimization) to sell an equity .

is there an example of an algorithm/structure/function in python/documentation for my question? to rely on and not get lost in the code. 

3)  is there documentaion/some examples of algorithms who do "walk forward optimization"?(train-test for a long time)

Any additional tips are very appreciated, thank you!

thanks for any response by adavance!!