In Canada with interactive brokers we get multiple accounts for one parent account with interactive brokers.  For example I have one margin account (dedicated account number) but when I open TFSA (it is reigstered account) which shows up with the same username and pw with different account number i.e. single loging.  When trading using TWS i can simply pick where I want to buy given security.  With lean/qc is there way to buy into TFSA while runing algorithm as margin account number.  I.e. can choose/change account id provided in config.json file at runtime to direct trade to specific account ?  Is there better method to trade into multiple accounts (I am not talking abotu managed account but rather simple ablility to trade).  Main problem is that when I run algo on my margin account I lose complete access to TFSA account as I can no longer login without affect data for algo that is already running despite account is separte.  Basic problem is that these kind of accounts are neither complely sperate nor completley joint to allow trading in both accounts with lean/qc (really IB issue with API solution i guess but there has to be better way to handle this).