Hi everyone!

I'd like to start a discussion on pattern day trading. I'm wondering exactly what it is, as it applies to the brokers that we can interface with here on QC. My specific questions are:

1.) Are we required to have $25,000 to trade on any of our intra-day trading algos?
2.) Do we require a margin account to get around T+3? (i.e. does a cash account give you the capacity to trade around T+3 if all you are doing is taking a long position?)
3.) Which of the active brokers that QC interfaces with allow the lowest initial margin account balance? (I know Tradier is $1000 minimum, but I assume that for the vast majority of QC-related faster-paced trading, this is a different number)
4.) For inter-day trading algos (I'm buying multiple securities on the morning of a certain day, then possibly selling the next morning), does this technically mean I'm not a pattern day trader?

Thanks! I'm sure I'll have more questions as we go. I appreciate your time :-)