I have a bold plan to create a workaround (and fork) for Lean to support my EUR account with IBKR (Disclaimer: I am a C# coder) as long as the internationalization feature is not finished. I have a subaccount with IBKR that is EUR only. The goal is really to just support the use case: "IBKR, EUR account, trade equities available via IBKR (which includes non-US ones)". My fork would ignore other Brokerages for now.

On first glance, just search&replacing "USD" with "EUR", plus a few adaptions should be possible. With QuantConnect.Market.Add("eur", 30) I can add the euro exchanges and e voila ( I guess its not THAT simple ;))

My question is a general one: I assume the complexity of the internationalization feature comes mainly from handling multiple currencies in a single account, support multiple brokers, etc. am I correct? Maybe you can give me a little heads up before I jump into the deep end and find out about the massive other issue(s) that prevent this from becoming reality.

Thx (& also for open sourcing this gem of a software)