I've been looking into trading forex and I have a strategy in mind. The problem is that profits seem to be extremely low for a huge amount of risk. I've been noticing that when I purchase about 15,000 units I'm only getting a tiny profit. Event with a leverage of 25:1 or greater it doesn't seem normal to only make $30 bucks or so. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

AddSecurity(SecurityType.Forex, "EURUSD", Resolution.Second, fillDataForward:true, extendedMarketHours:false, leverage:50);

LimitOrder(sym, shareCount * 25, symbolPrice);

StopLimit = StopLimitOrder(sym, -shareCount * 25, symbolPrice*(1m-.03m), symbolPrice*(1m-.03m));

Are there any example forex algorithms? I've done research but didn't pull up anything that was very useful.