I'd like to share my another live Forex trend following 15 min scalping trading strategy with 80% Win Rate. As far as this year is concerned it performs quite well (see attached backtest). 

This algorithm has also additional features i.e. plotting, CSV-logging. In further posts I'll explain more.

Feel free to use, experiment with and share your critics and suggestions.

Here are siginifcant "Algoritm Paramaters" you can experiment with:

  • scalp_period = 15 - min. period for scalping rolling windows (trade setup with triple ema)
  • anchor_period = 60 - min. period for anchor rolling windows (trend check with dual ema)
  • selected_galaxy = AgileFiveEqual
  • forex_leverage = 10
  • trailing_exit_stop_loss_bars = 3 (scalp bars amount to close 2nd part of the trade)
  • start_date = 2020-1-1
  • end_date = 
  • trailing = X
  • exit_1_rate = 90 (percent for partial close of 1st part of the trade)
  • anchor_lookback_trade_enabled = 1 (respect anchor bar direction in trade setup)
  • direction_lookback = X (respect scalp bar direction in trade setup)
  • indicator_lookback = X (respect indicators direction in trade setup)
  • exit1_garant = 80 (percent of guaranteed take-profit of the 1st part of the trade)
  • orange_risk = 80 (percent of the risk area, i.e. 10% low risk/profit chance, 100% high risk/profit chance)


Good luck & a lot of fun!