I feel great pity every time I go through the documentation and see the wonderful old algorithm assistant like here: https://www.quantconnect.com/docs/algorithm-framework/overview

Why did you remove it? Don't you think it is a great help for the community, especially for newbies?

These are some advantages that I think can help everyone:

  • -The community can focus on developing profitable strategies.
  • -We'd save a lot of time coding.
  • -We avoid multiple code errors.
  • -The community would learn faster to code correctly in QC.
  • -It would increase the creativity of the strategies.
  • -I would favor the use of the Algorithmic Framework.
  • -More complex strategies would appear starting from the base of the basic


I can think of many advantages but I cannot think of any disadvantages.


I would like to know Qc's position on this and I would also like to invite the community to give their opinion on this.

Thank you.