I'm wondering if it's possible to be able to buy and sell multiple lots of the same security with each lot having it's own strategy.

For example if I had a strategy that buys x amount of shares (lot 1) at a target price "a" and another strategy that buys y amount of shares (lot 2) at target price "b".  

Then say that each lot has its own trailing stop set based on that lots respective purchase price.

My sell rules would have to be tied to their respective lot or their respective buy rules. For example I don't want to sell lot 2's shares if lot 1's sell rules are fulfilled. Each lot's specific sell rules would only be active when I'm holding a lot based on a it's respective buy strategy. So basically I would need sell rules that are tied to the specific lot that was bought.

Both strategies would need to be in one algorithm and for the same security. Is there a simple way to do this?

(I'm writing in python and fairly new to it)