Hi guys,

I'm quite new and only starting to backtest some strategies. I have an account with IB. Related to Forex I wonder if I can (A) backtest with IB quotes, (C) Paper Trade with the IB paper account, (C) Live trade FX with IB

In the docs under live trading → supported brokerages I see that for IB also FX is listed. On the other hand under Data Library → Forex only FXCM and Oanda are mentioned.

in self.AddForex it doesn't seem possible to set the Markte to IB - only Oanda or FXCM.

Googling the question did it not answer clearly for me - in older posts it reads like FX trading at least was possible with IB in the past - is it still?

Could it be that no IB data is available for backtesting but paper/live trading is supported? Can you set the market when adding forex to Oanda but set the brokerage mode to IB to get the fees for IB?

Thanks for clarification!