Hey there,

I'm trying to fetch indicator values on a cloud research notebook for about 3000+ different combinations of symbol and time (total of 90 stocks), the indicator is RSI for example with 100 periods.

The thing is that after a few minutes an OutOfMemoryException shows up, running on an R-MICRO node (2GB RAM). I tried upgrading the research node to R1-4 (4GB RAM) but got the same problem.

Few questions if I may:

  1. Is there a way to view a research node's realtime resource consumption (CPU, memory) ?
  2. Is there a list of limitations of the research nodes somewhere?
  3. I noticed the “Datasets Subscriptions” in the pricing page, what exactly does it allows? would I be able to download a 1-minute data for many stocks and research locally?


Any advise on how to workaround this limitation will be appreciated, partitioning is considered. Below is the full exception.

Thank you!

OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
  at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.set_Capacity(Int32 value)
  at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.AddWithResize(T item)
  at QuantConnect.Research.QuantBook.<>c__DisplayClass25_0.<Indicator>b__3(Object s, IndicatorDataPoint e) in /LeanCloud/CI.Builder/bin/Debug/src/QuantConnect/Lean/Research/QuantBook.cs:line 722
  at QuantConnect.Indicators.IndicatorBase`1.Update(IBaseData input) in /LeanCloud/CI.Builder/bin/Debug/src/QuantConnect/Lean/Indicators/IndicatorBase.cs:line 93
  at QuantConnect.Indicators.IndicatorBase`1.Update(DateTime time, Decimal value) in /LeanCloud/CI.Builder/bin/Debug/src/QuantConnect/Lean/Indicators/IndicatorBase.cs:line 134
  at QuantConnect.Research.QuantBook.<>c__DisplayClass25_0.<Indicator>b__5(BaseData bar) in /LeanCloud/CI.Builder/bin/Debug/src/QuantConnect/Lean/Research/QuantBook.cs:line 731
  at QuantConnect.Data.SliceExtensions.PushThrough(IEnumerable`1 slices, Action`1 handler) in /LeanCloud/CI.Builder/bin/Debug/src/QuantConnect/Lean/Common/Data/SliceExtensions.cs:line 222
  at QuantConnect.Research.QuantBook.Indicator(IndicatorBase`1 indicator, IEnumerable`1 history, Func`2 selector) in /LeanCloud/CI.Builder/bin/Debug/src/QuantConnect/Lean/Research/QuantBook.cs:line 728
  at QuantConnect.Research.QuantBook.Indicator(IndicatorBase`1 indicator, Symbol symbol, DateTime start, DateTime end, Nullable`1 resolution, Func`2 selector) in /LeanCloud/CI.Builder/bin/Debug/src/QuantConnect/Lean/Research/QuantBook.cs:line 549