First time posting here, so please be gentle. 😊

I am trying to use Lean CLI for python using VS Code. But the debugger does not stop at the breakpoint. 

I went through various help articles and documentations, and also tried searching through google but still could not find the solution. It works fine if one has simple boilerplate example. 

I went here to look for information but could not resolve it

here is an example code that I am using 

from AlgorithmImports import *
class GeekyTanCat(QCAlgorithm):

    def Initialize(self):
        self.SetStartDate(2021, 6, 24)
        self.Schedule.On(self.DateRules.EveryDay(), self.TimeRules.At(16, 1), self.TradingAfterMarketClose)

    def OnData(self, data):
        self.Debug("In OnData Function")

    def TradingAfterMarketClose(self):
        self.Debug("In TradingAfterMarketClose Function")

I am trying to stop the debugger at “self.Debug …” but it never stops, neither it gives me any error for me to resolve it.

I would highly request somebody to make a You tube video on a somewhat complex tutorial. The one here does not tell much

(13) Debugging Python Algorithmic Trading Strategies in VSCode - LEAN CLI - YouTube

Please let me know if this is not the right place to post it, I would post it at the right place.

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