I am using a custom class to store indicators for every equity in my universe. I am trying to create a 6 day RSI with an exponential average type. I have created the consolidator separately so that it can be unsubscribed if the equity leaves the universe. I tested in another algorithm using the self.RSI() constructor to create a 6 day exponential RSI, and it returned a different value at a specific time than my code below. Have I made a mistake in the way I created this? The universe's resolution is Second by the way.

self.symbolRSI = RelativeStrengthIndex(6, MovingAverageType.Exponential)
self.consolidatorRSI = TradeBarConsolidator(Resolution.Daily)
algo.RegisterIndicator(self.symbol, self.symbolRSI, self.consolidatorRSI)
# history request to fill in past 6 days of data
historyRSI = algo.History(self.symbol, 6, Resolution.Daily)
if not historyRSI.empty:
	for time, row in historyRSI.loc[symbol].iterrows():
		self.symbolRSI.Update(time, row['close'])