1) I tried to run this test by both QC terminal as well as by local installation of Lean (backtesting-desktop) and in nowhere I could see the results in Strategy Equity tab with resolution other than Daily.
All other tabs, like SPY and Ribbon did show charts with minute/second resolution.
Is it possible to see results in Strategy Equity tab with minute/second resolution?

2) Is it possible to draw candles in non Strategy Equity tabs?
I can create Series od Candle type:

//public override void Initialize() Chart stockPlot = new Chart("Trade Plot"); srOrder = new Series("Price", SeriesType.Candle, 0); stockPlot.AddSeries(srOrder); AddChart(stockPlot); //public void OnData(TradeBars data) srOrder.AddPoint(Time, data.Price); Plot("Trade Plot", "Price", data.Price);

3) How do I add text/comments for SeriesType.Flag series.