I'd like to observe some data in a research notebook.  When setting the Data Normalization to either Adjusted or Raw, the History returns the same data.  This is concerning to me as Technical Indicators sometimes have to be manually fed data from the History.  

How can I ensure the history data being requested is either Adjusted or Raw? I'd like the ability to choose whether my signals are derived form either Adjusted or Raw data.

Also, if I am to use data.Dividends[ticker].Distribution to see dividend payout in the OnData() method, how would I go about seeing the Dividends and other Corporate Actions in the Historical Data should I want to comb through that data further?

Thank you 

from QuantConnect import *
qb = QuantBook()
ticker = "IBM"
asset = qb.AddEquity(ticker, Resolution.Daily)
history = qb.History(qb.Symbol(ticker), 10, Resolution.Daily)