I'd like to set the Tag of a sell order after the order has been placed because there some info I just don' t know until after the order has been filled.

Since the Tag property is readonly, it looks like the only way to do this is to ApplyUpdateOrderRequest:

OrderTicket orderTicket = this.Order(symbol, -100, false); Order order = this.Transactions.GetOrderById(orderTicket.OrderId); order.ApplyUpdateOrderRequest(new UpdateOrderRequest(Time, orderTicket.OrderId, new UpdateOrderFields { Tag = "updated tag!!" }));

This sets the tag on the order just fine. However, the Tag is not showing on the OrderTicket itself and also is not showing on the reports.

It looks like the OrderTicket retains a priate copy of the original order for which the Tag is being drawn from so it looks to be impossible at this point. It appears the order you get from Transactions.GetOrderById is a seperate instance of the order attached to the OrderTicket.

Is there another way I can set the tag perhaps?