Hello, I am sharing this algorithm that takes 2 week returns and tries to make future trading decisions based on them. It is a fairly simple strategy. It is mostly just a modified Magnitude model and takes full use of the Algorithm Framework. I am using this to demonstrate how easy and fun starting to program algorithms can be for beginners on the platform. The backtest below is a reversal from the initial theory that ended up producing better results. This algorithm is in no way trade ready and still needs to be thoroughly gone through for mistakes, bugs, and errors. My hopes now is that the community picks it up and improves on it. I will link the article on Medium that I wrote that goes with this strategy when It drops. Also, there is a research notebook attached as well. Also, I am going to be releasing more strategies in the future that will get more advanced. Let me know if you have any corrections, suggestions, or advice you would like to give me or just what you think about it. Happy Coding!