Hi all;

I've got the Lean CLI installed. To do so I first uninstalled Anaconda, then installed Python, then installed Lean. You may want to suggest this as step 0 for installing Lean.

A couple of issues/questions.

First, the video shows that it installs lean-1.0.4. When I run it, it installs lean-0.1.2. How can I install the latest version?


Second, the video shows it asking for my preferred language (C# or Python). It did not prompt me. How can I set the default language?


Third, it fails when I try to login with an error of: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\david\\.lean\\credentials'. Note: there is no folder C:\users\david\.lean. I created the folder C:\users\david\.lean and then login succeeds. You may want to have this code create the folder if needed.


Fourth, when entering the API token, it does not display it as ****. It displays the token text.

Fifth, now that it's installed, where can I find instructions on how to open/create projects, backtest them, build them, and upload them on the local CLI?

thanks - dave