Hello QuantConnect Community,

On Dec 4th, 2018, Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) announced it had acquired Quandl, Inc.
Recently, it had changed all the data endpoints from
https://www.quandl.com/api/v3/datasets/ to https://data.nasdaq.com/api/v3/datasets/
and the dataset is now called Nasdaq Data Link.

QuantConnect has decided to remove Quandl from Lean, and create an independent repository to NasdaqDataLink.

For C# developers, nothing changes since we have guaranteed backward compatibility. 

Python developers will have to remove the following import statement:

from QuantConnect.Python import PythonQuandl

or will experience a runtime error. 
Please remove this import statement to use Quandl/NasdaqDataLink as you did before.

We will add a page for NasdaqDataLink on the datasets page as soon as possible. We will update this post when the page is available.