Hi all, 

I'm trying to use the algorithm framework for the first time, and am successfully adding securities from a custom data source to the universe, but for some reason I have not been able to get any action out of the alpha module or additional modules of the framework. 

From reading docs and speaking with people on the Discord it sounds like these modules should do their thing automatically when new securities are added to the Universe. 

I added a "self.Log(…" into the __init__ section of the alpha to create an error as its initialized, and this only stopped the algorithm when I moved the whole class into the main file, which makes me think that I'm not adding/initializing the alpha module correctly (though it's currently following the docs, I've played around with doing it other ways which also causes errors). 

Outside of the universe selection, everything is mostly out of the box from the QC GitHub – any guidance would be appreciated.