Hi all,

Starting from LEAN engine version 14490, due to python 3.6 loosing support we have updated the lean foundation image to use python 3.8. A long with it, we have updated all the python packages to their latest available version, including pandas 1.4.3, tensorflow 2.9.1 and many others. We have added a few new packages too: Riskfolio-Lib, ax-platform, nbeats. At the same time we remove a few which were no longer developed and were not compatible with python 3.8. For the complete list, please take a look at the foundation file.

Due to breaking changes in some libraries API or renames, we expect some algorithms will need an update to use the latest version.

We have also worked on improving LEAN support for python virtual environments, unblocking custom environments in the near future. Due to compatibility issues initially we will make 3 different environments available: standard (the default), standard & pomegranate and finally tensorforce & stable-lines3

A long with the updates, debugging python jupyter notebooks is now enabled.