It's been a few years but I may finally be at the point of having a profitable intraday strategy. I would like to implement an additional strategy on top of my current one – basically the current strategy I have only does long positions, and I would like to deploy essentially the same strategy but short as well. I've seen a couple posts on having multiple strategies under one account (e.g., the two attached posts) but as I understand they are still running under one live node. The strategy is fairly latency dependent and I'd like it to run as fast as possible, so I would prefer to run a separate node for longs and shorts. However, ideally I could still have both strategies under the same trading account, especially so I don't have to have two accounts >$25K to get over PDT. Is it possible to do so with QuantConnect? Also, both strategies will share a lot of the same code, and it would be convenient for them to share the exact code files, although it wouldn't be unbearable to just copy+paste new code versions to both strategies if needed. Sorry if this post seems basic, but I just wanted to have some of the details clarified since I'll need to start considerably refactoring my code to add the shorts. Thanks.