Hello quants.

We will definitely purchase QC soon for our team (including data), but we are in the process of prototyping, so for now we can still use CLI with sample data.
And this brings up a weird issue.

Once I `lean init` a strategy, I explore the data folder and I see I have full DAILY data since 1998 for some securities like SPY and AAPL. That's great, it means I can test a strategy with the faster CLI workflow, faster local editor and debugger.

Except, I cannot manage to get any results.

I ensured my resolution is DAILY instead of MINUTES, but still no results.
I also ensured by start and end date fits the sample data which ends on march 31 2021 (I set `self.SetStartDate(2020, 9, 1) self.SetEndDate(2021, 3, 30)`)